We at Halford's Hair Studio are dedicated to providing the best service possible to our Clients through our expertise and knowledge.

We would like to offer you luxurious treatments for your hair which will help maintain the fabulous styles that have been created.  It is extremely important to keep our hair nourished and at its optimum for amazing healthy strong hair with fabulous shine.

Why not treat yourself to one of our deluxe treatments which include a complimentary Indian Head Massage.

Indulge your hair and relax your mind.

Ask any of our Stylists for more information.


Treatment Menu


Colour Endure Treatment Balm

This intense conditioning masque replenishes moisture and seals in colour with ingredients including Olive Oil and Shea Butter.

5 min. treatment - €10


Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm

Intense moisture treatment provides superior hydration to dry hair, while adding shine and softness. The Sea Kelp and Algae Nutrients in this product help to seal in this moisture.

5 min. treatment - €10


Revitaluxe Treatment Balm

Our more intensive bio-advanced restorative treatment for dry, damaged hair.  This Kpak product actively repairs, restores, protects and hydrates hair.  With each application hair instantly becomes stronger, softer and more moisturised with improved elasticity.  Revitaluxe features a blend of Peptides, Keratin, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Extract.

5 min. treatment - €15

Kpak Four Step Hair Reconstruction Treatment

Our premium conditioning treatment is the ultimate in hair reconstruction.  This Hair Repair System is designed to cleanse, reconstruct and moisturise hair while restoring its natural strength, condition and shine.

Step 1

Kpak Chelating Shampoo - lifts debris and other residue from the surface of the hair in preparation for treatment.

Step 2

Cuticle Sealer - this pH neutralizer smooths and tightens the cuticle to lock in curl, colour and shine and strengthen the outer layer of your hair.

Step 3

Deep Penetrating Reconstructor - the powerful combination of amino acids and protein helps to rebuild the inner structure of the hair shaft, returning hair to its former glory in a single application.

Step 4

Intense Hydrator - a profoundly nourishing treatment that offers immediate hydration for all hair types that are lacking moisture.  Shine and softness are restored with ingredients including lanolin and shea butter.

20 - 25 min. treatment €25.00